Essential things about Phu Quoc Sea Walker Tour

Phu Quoc – a great base for those who love the nature of the island and want to explore the vast ocean. Seawalker is a familiar type of scuba diving in a foreign country but with Vietnam and especially in Phu Quoc, only recently appeared. Because of the new service, many guests are so surprised, so through the following article, we would like to answer all the problems that we need to know about the type of Seawalker in Phu Quoc.

What is Seawalker activity?

Seawalker temporarily translates into Vietnamese as walking on the sea floor. This is a new type of tourism service of Phu Quoc tourism to help tourists calmly walk under the ocean of Phu Quoc. These are the fish flocks swimming, which are the colorful coral reefs.

Sea creatures with new shapes that you have only seen before on television. You will experience snorkelling in a completely different way and do not need tools like clones, gas cylinders, oxygen masks … Accordingly, visitors will be wearing a hat like astronauts and follow. The guide’s instruction is that you can fully participate in this seabed walking experience.

Where does Phu Quoc Seawalker take place?

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Just like the tour of the southern fishing island of coral diving coral, depending on the time that the Phu Quoc Seawalker tour will take visitors to the Coral Park at Hon Lu Lan Hon Thom or Coral Park at Hon Garlic. The characteristic of Phu Quoc beach is usually from October to April after the sea with many waves, so all sightseeing activities on the sea will move to An Thoi port area. The time from May to September is the opposite!

Unable to swim still join Sea Walker

I insist: the swimmer can still join. Why is that? Seawalker tour simply includes all 100% safety measures for visitors. Well-trained and experienced professionals have built up safety principles, ensuring visitors have a great experience when walking on the seabed.

Not only that, but also the good news is that children from 6 years old and older can join the seawalker tour! So the upcoming Phu Quoc trip you can join the family to experience this exciting activity already!

Some notes when joining Sea Walker

  • When you wear a snorkeling cap, you still breathe and speak normally, but the surrounding people cannot hear it, but only communicate via hand signs.
  • The feeling of getting into the sea makes you feel a bit shocked or scared, but when you get used to it, you don’t want to go up.
  • Diving hats was specialized equipment, weighs nearly 30kg, so they need to keep their heads straight when getting into the water, feet with boots to avoid being scratched by corals
  • Before you go down, listen carefully to the instructor before using the service.
  • Always follow the dive instructor while visiting the seabed
  • The beach outfit is neat
  • Another note is that you should not touch, touch or break coral branches to protect the ecological sea environment