Namaste Coral Park

Born in October 2017, Namaste Coral Park is the first place to preserve and develop coral species in Phu Quoc. Namaste Coral Park is located at Ky Lan Cape (Hon Thom Island, Phu Quoc) with a total area of ​​over 1ha invested by Namaste Investment and Development Co., Ltd. based on the technology transfer and experience of world famous marine protected areas. Coming to Namaste Coral Park, visitors will experience a new unique type of tourism.

After more than 1 year of operation, Namaste Coral Park has become an attractive destination for domestic and international visitors to Phu Quoc. With the goal of creating a landscape and preserving marine ecosystems, Namaste Company has researched, implanted, cultivated and successfully built a coral park under the ocean. Located 5 – 6m from the sea surface, Namaste Coral Park is designed and decorated with raised rocky cliffs, erect coral reefs, soft coral reefs and swaying along ocean currents and sand layers. pure white bottom … forming beautiful aquarium.

The coral reefs here have been recreated by Namaste Company and raised from natural coral fund and from a nursery with more than 200 hard and soft corals such as anemones, deer antlers, slab corals, sea willow … In addition Namaste Park and Namaste Park also become the habitat of more than 100 species of fish such as butterfly fish, tilapia, clown fish, grouper, eagle fish, grouper, cuttlefish, squid, seahorse … and other species sea ​​like pearls, sea cucumbers, snails, mussel ears … all create an area with rich and rich marine ecosystems typical of Phu Quoc.

Coming to Namaste Coral Park, visitors have the opportunity to participate in a new type of tourism: walking on the seawalker. Before going to the bottom of the sea, Namaste’s professional coach will teach you some water skills, skills, communication skills with sea creatures and how to protect them, skills of attraction. Fish … Then every participant will be equipped with a diving suit, wearing a hat with transparent glass, which looks like an astronaut’s hat. This hat is continuously pumped with oxygen to put pressure on the sea water to stop pouring in to help participants to breathe normally.

After that, each guest will have an accompanying guide slowly sinking to the seabed to a depth of about 6m. Namaste coral park with colorful aquifers, colorful fish swimming up and down gradually appear. Reaching the bottom of the sea, visitors are guided to walk along coral reef paths, to touch the hard corals, soft corals, toss food to lure fish around them. . At this time, Namaste’s professional drivers will help capture your memorable moments in the ocean. After exploring the beauty of the Coral Park, visitors can continue to play in the cool blue waters of Hon Thom Island area.

It is known that Namaste Company has built about 500m2 of coral nursery area and 500m2 of service area on the seabed walk. For the rest of the area, about 9000m2 will continue to be invested to create a miniature oceanic population following the trend of sustainable tourism.

In the near future, Namaste aims to create new services with creativity and create new experiences for visitors, contributing to the development of tourism of Phu Quoc pearl island.