Experience sea walker to enjoy the Phu Quoc coral

If you have the opportunity to travel to Phu Quoc, please join the journey of walking under the sea, you do not need to know how to swim but can still dive under the sea floor, discover the beauty of the bottom of the ocean, see coral reefs and touching fish stocks are swimming up colorful.

Experience Phu Quoc seabed walking tour for the first time appearing on Phu Quoc pearl island. These are extremely interesting experiences, walking to discover the beauty of the ocean floor. At the South of Phu Quoc Island, the sea area around Thom Island has long attracted tourists by the type of diving and snorkeling, combining sightseeing and exploring the seabed. Experience this type of tourism, visitors are immersed with the sea island.

Here, visitors not only experience on the shore with excellent food and wonderful scenery, but for the first time on this island, visitors can walk and explore the ocean.

Visitors only need a special hat, shaped like an astronaut’s hat. The hat will help visitors breathe normally as they are on land, while having transparent glass to visitors can see the ocean. Here visitors will be taken by coaches to a depth of about 5-6m. You will be walking and immersing yourself in a lively world with fishes swimming around, colorful coral reefs and other marine creatures.

Many tourists shared even though I have tried diving scuba gas at Phu Quoc beach but this service is really great. The hat is very comfortable and makes it easier for visitors to breathe in the water. The underwater scenery is also great.

At present, the journey of walking on the seabed of Phu Quoc is being chosen by tourists the most, before visiting Phu Quoc, tourists can only enjoy sightseeing at beaches such as: Hon nails, macadam, beach, beach. Why … now when visiting the resort in Phu Quoc, visitors can choose for themselves the exciting experiences such as walking on the seabed of Phu Quoc.